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5 Crossdressers That Have Been Questioned Over Their Choice Of Lifestyle On Social Media

People on social media have questioned transgender celebrities about their lifestyle choices and how they portray themselves as females while they were born males. These trans men made a decision about their way of life and it was their decision to change their gender through surgery.

People are curious about their way of life since it appears to be distinct from those of other men celebrities on social media.

1. Nikita Dragun

Questions have been raised concerning Nikita Dragun’s decision to switch from man to woman, such as how he went from dressing as a man to dressing as a woman. Because of the kind of lifestyle he’s decided to lead for the remainder of his life, several of his followers have questioned him.

2. Bobrisky

We all know that Bobrisky was a man. He was black in complexion, but he changed from being a man to a woman. He’s one of the richest trans in Africa with over 6m followers on her Instagram page.

3. Jay Boogie.

Like other transgender people, Jay receives a lot of inquiries since some people are baffled as to how he can be as good-looking as a lady when he was born as a guy.

4. Alexander Buchi

Many individuals on social media questioned Alexander Buchi about why he could modify his appearance when they thought it was much better in the first place.

5. Jay Bugatti

Lastly, Jay Bugatti claims to have had surgery to give him a woman’s back, which has led to some of his admirers doubting him.

Furthermore, I feel that everyone has a life to live and that these transgender people have chosen the type of life they want to lead, therefore people should stop interfering and let them live theirs freely. Some people, on the other hand, are genuinely interested in learning why someone changed their way of life.

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