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5 Crossdressers That Have Been Questioned Over Their Choice Of Lifestyle On Social Media

There are these crossdressers on social media who have been asked numerous questions on the type of lifestyles they choose to follow and how to go about their online styles. They decided within themselves the kind of life to live and abided by it. People questioned them because their lifestyle seems different from other people on social media.

1) Nikita Dragun.

Nikita Dragun has been asked questions about how he decided to transform the initial lifestyle he was living to another, like how he changed from wearing a man’s clothes to that of a woman. His fans have asked him some questions because of the type of lifestyle he has chosen to live the rest of his life.

2) Bobrisky.

Bobrisky has also been questioned too, he was somehow opportune to answer a few questions among the numerous in one interview he had some weeks ago during an interview some days ago.

3) Jay Boogie.

Jay gets multiple questions like other cross-dressers because there are people who can’t stop asking how he can be as fine as a woman when he is initially born as a man, so it baffles them.

4) Buchi Alexander.

Alexander Buchi has also been questioned on social media, a lot of people were so curious about why he could change his old look, they felt that his old look was far better.

5) Jay Bugatti.

Last but not least is Jay Bugatti, he also claims he underwent surgery to get a bigger back like that of a woman, so his fans questioned him.

In addition, I believe everyone has their life to live, these crossdressers have chosen the type of life they want to live, so people should just let them live their life. Although some people are just curious to know why they left their old lifestyle.

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