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“I can have any man I want” – Nigerian woman brags after spending N83 million on house (Watch)

A rich woman from Northern Nigeria who reportedly spent about N84 million on her building project has stated that she can get any man she wants.

She insisted to MC Mbakara that she does not require a partner in her life since she is capable of taking care of herself.

She added that because she does not believe in the institution of marriage, she will never get married.

She asserted that while she could have any man she desired, she preferred to stay alone and self-sufficient.

Watch her speak below,

In other news, a young Nigerian man has taken to Facebook to seek the advice of netizens on who to marry between his two girlfriends.

The confused man revealed that his first girlfriend is caring, supportive, independent and has a skill, but struggles with serious anger issues.

On the other hand, his second girlfriend is loyal and submissive, but does not have a job or a skillset.

According to the young man, he is at a crossroad and doesn’t know which of the two women to marry.

Taking to a Facebook group on Monday June 19, he wrote,

“Help a brother, I have two girls that I am currently dating now. They both love me like bad, but am just trying to make a good choice, out of them, the first one is good, she is supportive, she always understand, she care so much, she doesn’t demand too much, and she have a hand work, but if she is angry with you or she suspect u of anything, they is always a war, even if u apologize, before she accept things as already been destroy, but the second one she is not yet working, she is caring too, and she always have a good plan for the feature, she is loyal, she ask question before getting to action, so guys which one is good to settle down with?”

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