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Joy as Lady welcomes twins after 18 years of waiting

Lady identified as Loveline Ike has taken to social media sharing her testimony as she welcomes twins after 18 years of waiting, Oh Jesus the wonder working father!

18 solid years! you can imagine, what she’s been through all this years, not to talk about the names calling from the friends and relatives those unending questions from random people? indeed God cannot disappoint his children. He can never fail.

Y’all can agree with me that the joy of every woman is her child.

The Quest for child bearing has not been easier for women, meanwhile there some common factors that could cause delay in child bearing such as Blocked fallopian tube, ectopic pregnancy, uterine rupture, fibroid, miscarriages, low sperm count etc.

Having your child immediately after marriage is huge blessing that can’t be taken for granted.

The latest mom while sharing her testimony on social media, in her words she wrote:

The God of miracle visited my family at his appointed time and eliminated 18 yrs of waiting. What God cannot do does not exist.

i serve a living,faithful, miraculous and impossibility specialist God#

Welcome my special Easter babies.

It’s a prince and princess.

Tem, tem,,tem to Jesus

The God of adoration is alive.

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Congratulations to you mom, your home is blessed. To all the awaiting mom’s out there get ready to carry your child.

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