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Mama wey sabi! Granny rocks her waist for the youngies (Video)

An interesting video has caught the eyes of the Netizens and has been causing stir for the moment. An elderly woman has decided to amuse many with her whining dance. She has decided never to retire to leave the work for the young females. The old lady still slays to the fullest.

It is a nice thing that she’s still full of life at her age. She does not hide under the influence of being aged to not do what she finds pleasing. Judging from the video, she is confident in what she’s doing because she has been slaying since at her young age. People have been asking what does she has to teach the young generation and her children, too, if she has any.


In the video, the mama is seen facing the camera, wearing a white polo and jeans bumshort. She begins to swing her waist with smiles as she hears the music playing in the background.


Watch her below:

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