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Man invited threws a lavish birthday party for his handsome dog and buys a brand new car on its name (Watch video)

Nigerian man who is extremely fond of his pet dog has gone above and beyond to make its birthday a memorable one.

The man invited his family and friends over as he threws a lavish birthday party for his handsome dog, Baron, and buys a brand new car on its name.

In a video, he celebrated his ‘son’ birthday just like that of human being. His friends could be seen hey could be seen spraying the dog with loads of naira notes.

Interestingly, the dog also had a cake made for it with its name, Baron, beautifully decorated on it. The man also showed off document of to a new car he purchased in the name of his dog, Baron Joshua Emmanuel.

Watch the video below:


Sometimes a thank you is not enough, but until I think of a way to fully make it up to you, this will have to do! Thank you so much for all your very kind efforts and words on my son’s birthday. It really was a special one thanks to you all❤️❤️❤️

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