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Mum allows daughter tap her big beh!nd to inherit it (Video)

A cruise mom has been so jovial with her daughter. She even plays around with her. The young girl is fond of her mum. They both have good and healthy relationship. This kind of relationship between mum and daughter is lacking in some families.


Some children grew up knowing only their dad or only their mom due to the rate of divorce existing in the society. Also, some rich people, especially celebrities, prefer to bear children outside wedlock, which they term “baby mama” or “baby daddy.”


The two ladies in the video, a mum with her daughter, are seen standing in their sitting room. The mum stands behind the sofa while the daughter stands behind her. As the mum was about to talk, the daughter spanked her twice on her b.u.t.t.s, saying she want to inherit that big a.s.s from her.


The mom is truly blessed with a phat a.s.s. The woman jokingly taps the daughter, and both start laughing out hard.


Watch the video below:

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