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“Stand on this Chair” – NYSC member’s height makes it difficult to teach, student offers chair (Watch)

TikTok users are reacting to the video of an NYSC member whose hand could not totally reach the chalkboard.

In a video posted on January 9 by The Pretty Arike, the ‘corper’ said she just resumed at her place of primary assignment.


Arike who is posted to a school walked into the classroom with a book in her hand ready to teach.

But when she wanted to write her subject on the chalkboard, it became clear that her height could not support her.

She struggled to get to the point where she wanted to write her subject and topic until she gave up.

The students noticed how she was struggleing and they started to laugh at her.

One of the students was however compassionate enough to offer her a chair to stand on, but she rejected it obviously feeling emberassed.

Watch the video below:

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