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These ladies perform the Zulu dance to entertain people (Video)

This is a kind of dance where the ladies, on certain occasions, go topless. The song involves clapping of hands from the audience in the background also, singing and the main performers keep raising their legs up and down to the beat.


The Zulu dance is South African cultural dance and can be performed during Kings coronation, weddings, naming ceremonies, and so on. The dance is well reserved by the people and is made known to the public view as many can assess it from the internet.


The Zulu dance is a beautiful piece of art as it is enjoyed by everyone, especially the males.


In the video, there were four ladies who performed. The first lady stepped out wearing a blouse. She started dancing the Zulu dance, showing off her panties. The second lady came out wearing tights. She performed some acrobatics and did the Zulu dance. The third lady in trousers did the same Zulu dance, and the fourth lady in blouse danced too. She also performed some acrobatics.


Watch Video Below:

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