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Why I Always Wear Beret – Mercy Chinwo

When you talk about gospel music in Nigeria today, there is no way you will talk about it without mentioning Mercy Chinwo. Mercy Chinwo in a relatively short amount of time has risen up the ranks and become one of the most successful gospel Nigerian singers. Now, if you know anything about Mercy Chinwo, then you also know that you can hardly spot Mercy Chinwo without a beret on her head.

During a new interview with The Guardian, Mercy Chinwo opened up about her career, music, marriage, and why she always wears her beret. Here is what Mercy Chinwo said.

Mercy Chinwo

Speaking about how she got started with music professionally, Mercy Chinwo said:

MERCY CHINWO: It started at an early age of six when my parents observed that I was always singing and I loved to perform around the house to both people and even objects. They encouraged me by putting me in the children’s choir of our local church – The Apostolic Church Nigeria. It later developed into my singing with the adult choir and even as a backup singer. I got involved in a number of competitions, winning many of them. That’s how I started my professional music journey.

Speaking about why she stuck with gospel music when so many other artistes who start in church go to secular, Mercy Chinwo said:

MERCY CHINWO: A fish cannot survive outside of its source. Jesus gave me this gift and I am fulfilled staying aligned in God’s purpose for my life. There’s nothing compared to the joy and peace that comes with serving God.

Speaking about if there is indeed no money in gospel music, Mercy said:

MERCY CHINWO: The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and adds no sorrow. This is my testimony; every aspect of my life as a gospel music minister has been an interesting journey. The more value you give, the more results you get.

Speaking about life lessons she’s learned in her career, Mercy said:

MERCY CHINWO: I’ve learnt that many are the plans in a man’s heart but it is God’s will that prevails. This has helped me totally depend on Jesus in all areas of my life. Also, whatever it is you want to achieve, can only happen when you are intentional about it.

Opening up about her marriage so far, Mercy said:

MERCY CHINWO: It’s been a beautiful journey; marriage is a blessing. It has indeed impacted my career positively. The Bible says one will chase a thousand, and two ten thousand and I am excited to see all of that become my reality doing life with my gee.

Finally speaking about why she always wears her beret, Mercy said:

MERCY CHINWO: I just needed to be different. I felt I needed to be unique with not just my craft but also my style. And that’s how beret wearing came about. It has now evolved into an online business at Mecempire on Instagram. In one word, my fashion style is modest.

What do you think about what Mercy Chinwo said?

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